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Exciting times ahead with Infor SunSystems Cloud!

November 11, 2022

Forpoint & Infor SunSystems Customer Breakfast – Sydney & Melbourne

A big thank-you to all involved, we had two fantastic Forpoint customer breakfast events for our Infor SunSystems customers.  Great insight was shared as to what SunSystems cloud has to offer.  We also loved hearing from our customers Bank Australia and Abacus Funds Management about their journey to the cloud. There are exciting times ahead!

Infor SunSystems, known for its comprehensive accounting software gives you a powerful unified ledger, unrivalled multi-currency, multi-company and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities.  However, as businesses grow and the financial landscape becomes increasingly complex, there arises a need for additional support and advanced automation to navigate the challenges effectively. This is where Forpoint Solutions enhances the capabilities of Infor SunSystems with tools such as Zudello – for AP automation.

Need Support?

With Forpoint Solutions’ support, our customers tell us that they’re able to gain access to a safety net that ensures their financial operations run smoothly. This collaborative approach builds a strong foundation for businesses to focus on growth and innovation, knowing that their financial processes are in capable hands. We navigate complex financial software together and are well-versed in the intricacies of Infor SunSystems. We help our customers troubleshoot and optimize their team’s usage, and perform regular health and security checks while of course migrating from the traditional on-premise solution to the cloud.

Infor SunSystems—why move your financial software to the cloud

A business needs agility built into its infrastructure to stay ahead in today’s competitive environment. Infor® SunSystems’s cloud-based financials software provides businesses with the kind of agile platform that enables organizations to respond swiftly to emerging challenges, opportunities, and changing organizational requirements. Utilizing our cloud technology stack, the Infor OS operating service, the SunSystems® cloud can provide you with the flexibility to improve your financial processes using tailored workflows, alerts, and mobile connectivity. This brochure touches on some of the ways SunSystems’s cloud-based software can help. Take a moment to consider what such opportunities might look like across your own operations. You may find yourself asking, “Why isn’t my business already in the cloud?”

This dynamic solution doesn’t just optimize financial processes; it revolutionizes them, enabling businesses to soar to new heights of efficiency and flexibility.

Harmonizing Processes with Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems is more than just a financial software—it’s a game-changer for organizations aiming to thrive in the digital era. As John Brophy, Head of Finance Transformation at ActionAid, states, “We invested later than our peers and wanted to catch up from a technological lag and move directly to the cloud platform to harmonize processes that can be supported by a solution such as SunSystems.” The power of the cloud lies in its ability to empower organizations with future-proof solutions that adapt to their unique needs, even as those needs evolve across different countries, sizes, and complexities.

Benefits Beyond the Horizon

The benefits of transitioning to Infor SunSystems are extensive, providing businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to optimize their operations:

  • 24×7 Support and Business Continuity: Downtime can mean lost revenue. SunSystems offers 24×7 support, ensuring critical financial processes remain operational, even in a globally connected world.
  • Automatic Updates for Enhanced Functionality: SunSystems delivers automatic updates for functional enhancements, security, and compliance, ensuring your software is always up to date.
  • Global Growth Opportunities: With the cloud-based solution, businesses can expand their financial operations worldwide, minimizing capital investments and risks.
  • Simplified Compliance: Cloud-based solutions streamline security and compliance updates, reducing complexity and risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Increased Collaboration: SunSystems fosters collaboration by providing modern and intuitive user experiences, enabling better, more informed decision-making.
  • Capital and Operational Expense Flexibility: SunSystems’s cloud-based model frees up capital, enabling companies to respond to market opportunities more quickly and fund expansion.

Innovation Unleashed

By migrating to Infor SunSystems, organizations can break free from the constraints of maintaining existing infrastructure and focus on innovative initiatives that drive change. The cloud-based solution allows for quick adaptation, whether it’s integrating new geographical financial units or embracing innovative functionalities. With this flexibility, businesses can scale successful initiatives seamlessly, fostering a culture of bold ideas across the entire organization.

Seamless Global Expansion

In an era of remote work and global markets, the ability to establish new financial units or expand operations across regions is invaluable. SunSystems makes this possible by minimizing capital investments and risk, allowing remote offices to operate seamlessly alongside headquarters, and facilitating information sharing with partners, regardless of location.

A Paradigm Shift in Compliance

Staying compliant with changing regulations is a challenge for any business. SunSystems simplifies compliance by automatically pushing out security and regulatory updates to the entire organization. This ensures everyone has access to the latest tools and information, reducing the complexity and risk of non-compliance.

Unlocking Collaboration and Productivity

Traditional work environments often lead to “shadow systems,” where employees turn to unofficial solutions for better functionality. With SunSystems’s cloud-based applications, workers can collaborate more effectively, leveraging consumer-grade interfaces, mobile connectivity, alerts, and configurable workflows. This not only increases productivity but also reduces company risk by eliminating the need for external sources.

Infor SunSystems isn’t just about optimizing financial software—it’s about revolutionizing business processes, driving growth, and enhancing collaboration. By harnessing the power of the cloud, organizations can future-proof their operations, respond quickly to market changes, and capitalize on new opportunities, all while maintaining security and compliance. In a world where innovation is key, Infor SunSystems is the catalyst for businesses looking to thrive in the digital age.

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