BlackLine Finance Innovation Week

Finance Innovation Week:
20-21 July 2021

A quick-start approach to finance innovation or an acceleration of existing transformation initiatives became a necessity for many organisations over the past year. Whether they were implementing finance transformation initiatives or just starting out, the pandemic laid bare some of the gaps in processes and technologies that needed to be urgently addressed.  Most notable was an increased awareness of how speed to value is maximised when you bring the proper balance of operational change, technology innovation, and talent strategy.

How do you determine the correct path  to innovation? Explore questions such as:

  • Do you tweak current  processes or rebuild them?
  • Which tasks can offer most benefit from increased automation?
  • How do you redeploy resources to provide greater insights and help drive business decisions?
  • What is the impact on culture and people?

Join EY leaders for an interactive conversation about the business case for finance innovation and the transformation journey of a global organization.