Turnkey integrations from people who understand financial data.

DataBlend is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution designed exclusively for CFOs, controllers, and their teams.


Features & Benefits

Featuring a no-code, low-code workflow builder, DataBlend allows accounting and finance professionals to create secure and worry-free data integrations.

What is Datablend?

DataBlend is a cloud-based integration platform that makes it easy to seamlessly transfer data between the systems that drive your business. With DataBlend, you organization will benefit from real-time, big-picture insights that only comprehensive and unified data can deliver.

How it works

Use DataBlend to collect and join data from multiple sources, build workflows (e.g. field to field mapping, pivot tables, and additional data transformations through virtually unlimited custom scripting possibilities), and schedule events so users are never without real-time data access.  DataBlend’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all application integrations from a single platform, eliminating the need to rely on IT resources to manage multiple, point-to-point connections.


Connect to any data source (e.g. ERP, CRM, PSA).


Collect data from the data source.


Transform the data through queries, field mapping, and pivot tables.


Send the data to the data target (e.g. Budgeting, ERP, PSA).



Saves time

Eliminates time consuming, manual extractions and uploads



Ensures data integrity across applications



Guarantees scalability as you add to your fintech stack


✅ Workflow Wizard Accelerates integration by taking you through a series of steps.

✅ Template Library Pre-built collectors, query, data target and workflows to create integrations quickly.

✅ Dashboard One place to see and manage all your integration and workflow history.

✅ Favourites Quick access to commonly used workflows and integrations.

✅ Selection Parameters Easily select data based on set perimeters.

✅ Collection UI See all the objects and fields available for intergration.

✅ Data Quality Reports Validate data and stop a workflow before pushing data to a new system.

✅ Query Builders Search system data catalog and choose from a list of tables/fields to build your query.

✅ AgentConnects to hosted on on-prem applications


Fast and reliable, pre-configured integrations that help you deliver accurate, up-to-date reports and analysis, worry free.

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Popular DataBlend Questions

Have Questions? Look below for popular questions, or speak to our team for a free initial consultation

Is Datablend Expensive?

Datablend is competitive in pricing and starts at $5,000 annually. It is an imperative tool required to cut down time and development costs for integration and sending of data to one system to another, making the cost in comparison, negligible.

Why is Datablend for CFO's?

Datablend has been created to specifically serve CFOs, controllers and financial planning and analysis professionals. This turnkey solution focuses only on the finance function and is supported by forensic data specialists.

Will I need to learn Datablend?

No, Datablend is a tool that Forpoint uses and will be implemented by our team through your transformation where needed. You will not need to learn a new tool as we will handle the integration.

Can Datablend really integrate into anything?

Datablend are adding new integrations every month. If you don’t see the application you want to be integrated, please let us know. Datablend may be working on it already. And if they are not, we can initiate a request to request it and deploy within 3 months.

Why Choose Forpoint for your finance transformation?

It's important to have an experienced team by your side through these complex projects. We've helped hundreds of clients succeed with guidance, implementation & support.

Local Support

Local Support

Forpoint have a local support team to guide and implement your transformation

Our Experience

Our Experience

We've helped hundreds of companies transform their finance function.

Trusted Advice

Trusted Advice

We choose to partner with a range of software so we can tailor your perfect solution.

Value & Flexibility

Value & Flexibility

Sensible rates on projects, ad-hoc or prepaid services which deliver great value and flexibility in all assignments.

Warren Mahoney
5 stars

“The implementation of Workday has gone extremely well. It was one of the best implementations of software I have observed. Well done to you and your team!"

CFO, Warren and Mahoney
Aaron Beveridge
Chief Executive, Racing NSW
5 stars

“Racing NSW are fortunate to have such a great business partner who is professional, dedicated, and efficient in their work. We have, and will continue to recommend your service to other companies and contacts."

Chief Executive, Racing NSW
Financial Controller, Fitzroy's
5 stars

“The Forpoint team were fantastic in assisting us to find solutions to ensure that the processes that we wanted to implement met our needs. The Forpoint team were able to achieve this with us throughout implementation, and we now have a system that works beautifully for us."

Financial Controller, Fitzroy's
Marketing Manager, Weston Energy
5 stars

"The support we’ve received from Forpoint Solutions has been excellent. They’ve guided us throughout the entire process, from helping us identify the right solution for our needs, to implementing Sage intact and ensuring Weston Energy gets the most out of the solution."

Marketing Manager, Weston Energy
Finance Consultant, Abercrombie & Kent
5 stars

"You and the team were amazing yesterday. I just wanted to let you know I greatly appreciated the support and rectification."

Finance Consultant, Abercrombie & Kent
Operations Manager Finance Systems & Technology
5 stars

"When we were building the interface between BlackLine and SunSystems, it was highly beneficial that Forpoint understood the construct of our company, how these reconciliations needed to be put together from a BlackLine perspective, and why we were constructing reconciliations the way we were. Forpoint’s help was invaluable."

Operations Manager Finance Systems & Technology
Finance Manager, Flick Anticimex
5 stars

"I was happy with the journey from start to finish...Forpoint was a really good partner for us—very patient and responsive. By working side by side with Forpoint, we were able to finalise the whole implementation quickly, meeting our expectations in terms of timeline. I look forward to working with Forpoint again to further improvements in phase two of our Transaction Matching roll-out."

Finance Manager, Flick Anticimex
CFO, Wex
5 stars

“We work with Forpoint as a partner for multiple products, we have a pretty good and close relationship with them. We find them to be very knowledgeable and capable and have always had successful implementations and actually developed benefits beyond what we thought they would."

CFO, Wex
Financial Controller, Total Tools
5 stars

“From the very beginning, Michael and Paul from Forpoint were fantastic to deal with and very orgainised. They made themselves very available to us when questions arose, and that led to us having a really successful project."

Financial Controller, Total Tools
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Sage Intacct                                                  Financial Management Systems

Planful                                                               Forecasting, Planning & Analysis

BlackLine                                                         Financial Close Process

Infor Sunsystems Cloud                         Accounts Receivable Automation

Workday Adaptive                                      Accounts Payable Automation

Zudello                                                             Expense Management

Webexpenses                                               HR & Payroll




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