Australian Unity – Consistency and clarity

July 1, 2020

Until November 2017, Australian Unity did not have a centralised financial control function. Instead, the function was fragmented between its legal entities, each performing financial reconciliation processes independentlyof the other.

Reconciliations were being done in either Excel or Word and weren’t stored in a central place. Reconciliations were also completed in an inconsistent manner.

Find out how Forpoint’s help was invaluable in creating a solution for Australian Unity to proactively manage its monthly reconciliations.

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“With over 64 users in BlackLine, 3,100 reconciliations completed monthly in excess of 9,700 general ledger account string combinations, even a small saving of between two and four hours per month per user translates into substantial cost savings with improved visibility and consistency.”
Kon Papakonstantinou, Head of Operational Finance Systems

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