Infor Sunsystems Annual Conference

Infor SunSystems Annual Conference Highlights

March 14, 2024

There was plenty of ‘Sun’, in Ho Chi Minh City last week as Infor SunSystems held their annual APAC Partner conference with many in attendance.  2024 was dubbed “The Year of the Product” by Andrew Newman, VP and GM of Infor SunSystems IBU, who hosted the annual event and presented SunSystems’ product goals for 2024 and beyond. Infor SunSystems has been a cornerstone product for Forpoint Solutions and our Director Bill Bryce was in attendance to bring back the highlights of what was another exciting and progressive annual conference.

Here are the key highlights from the event:

Strong adoption of Infor SunSystems Cloud

Infor SunSystems Cloud has had great success and proven traction in the market since it’s launch last year, reaching it’s 100th customer (110 by the time the conference came around). This positions Infor SunSystems steadily for further growth in the cloud market for 2024 and beyond.

New Moves in APAC

The APAC region will have more investment in the next 12 months as the cloud product drives growth in the region. With many new customers moving onto the new cloud platform, there are also existing customers moving from self-hosted to a SaaS solution. Announcement of a Sydney Data Centre to host SunSystems Cloud is due by July 2024.

Stability of the Roll Out

Like any new product, SunSystems Cloud has undoubtedly faced some teething challenges however Infor, has been quick to respond to partners and customers, allocating more resources to address these promptly with stability as a high priority.

Features & Functions

Each year, there will be two major releases with new features and functions, scheduled for April and October. These will be additional features included in the core system to continually enhance functionality and respond to the end user requirements.

What’s the development focus?

Naturally, given the move to cloud (SaaS), these updates will happen automatically as the main focus for Infor SunSystems, due to the ability to implement to users easily and quickly.

Integrations to 3rd party systems

An application needs to be able to connect to other solutions in order to thrive in the cloud, and Infor SunSystems Cloud is no exception. Since SunSystems has long served as a “hub” for financial transactions that originate in other applications, Infor has acknowledged the need to enhance the APIs and is currently including updates specifically to address external systems such as AP Automation, Purchase to Pay and Expense Management solutions, to name a few.


Data Storage for Infor

Accessing your Infor SunSystems data in the cloud for retrieving information from the Infor Datalake, (a component of the Infor OS) will be included in upcoming releases, which will greatly facilitate its consumption by corporate data warehouses and visualisation by business intelligence tools such as EPM or Microsoft Power BI.

The User Experience Enhancements

In order to improve user acquisition, the capability to have reporting dashboards, KPIs, and custom widgets is being implemented. This will make the user experience more personalised and educational overall.

The Wrap Up:

Overall the Infor team have made enormous progress with the cloud version of SunSystems and it is a viable option for Customers to move their SunSystems “on premise” to the cloud with enhanced useability and rich features now available across the finance spectrum.  ……

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