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Infor SunSystems Cloud Launch

August 31, 2022

On behalf of Infor, Forpoint Solutions would like to invite you to join the webinar on 18 October, 2022 to celebrate the launch of Infor SunSystems Cloud.

“Infor announces the latest cloud release of Infor SunSystems. As an on-premise SunSystems customer, we invite you to join us for a special webinar dedicated to exploring this new release and the opportunities it presents for your business. During the session, the Infor leadership team will explain how you can leverage the benefits of cloud computing and the Infor OS technology layer. A Q&A session will follow the discussion.”

Business environments that haven’t yet migrated to a cloud solution, are often overburdened with the continuous task of upgrading, supporting, and maintaining on-premise software applications. The primary question that arises in such situations is whether the IT department is spending more time in routine maintenance activities rather than focusing on strategic planning and innovations. Moreover, there’s an increasing demand among financial staff for enhanced connectivity and access to essential jobs and processes, which are pivotal in driving efficiency and productivity.

The evolving landscape of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has witnessed a significant shift towards cloud computing. Many organizations are now transitioning their ERP systems, including financial software like Infor SunSystems, to cloud-based solutions. This shift is not just a trend but a strategic move to stay competitive and agile in a rapidly changing business world. Cloud-based financial software from Infor SunSystems offers a robust platform that empowers organizations to quickly adapt to new challenges, seize opportunities, and meet changing business demands effectively.

The webinar held in jan 2023 is being organized to delve deeper into how the new cloud-based solution from Infor SunSystems can transform your organization’s agility. This event aimed to provide insights into enhancing your financial processes through the flexibility offered by the cloud. It covered customizing workflows, enabling notifications, and leveraging mobile connectivity – all of which are crucial in today’s mobile-first world.

The webinar has focused on several key takeaways, essential for understanding the impact and benefits of moving to a cloud-based financial system:

Introduction to the New SunSystems Cloud Version

An overview of what the new SunSystems cloud version entails. This segment will provide a comprehensive understanding of the software’s features, interface, and how it differs from its on-premise predecessor.

  1. Why SunSystems Cloud?

    This section will delve into the reasons behind the shift to a cloud-based system. It will explore the strategic benefits of cloud computing for financial applications, focusing on aspects like cost-effectiveness, scalability, and enhanced security.

  2. Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

     A detailed discussion on the advantages of transitioning to the cloud. Key points will include improved operational efficiency, real-time data accessibility, reduced dependency on IT infrastructure, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based applications.

  3. Support for Remote Employees

    In the current scenario where remote work is becoming increasingly common, this part of the webinar will address how SunSystems’ cloud version supports remote employees. It will cover aspects such as access from anywhere, collaboration tools, and secure data access.

  4. Migration Process

    An essential aspect for any organization considering the shift, this segment will outline the process of migrating from an on-premise system to the cloud. It will include steps involved in the transition, timeframes, support available during the migration, and how to ensure a smooth and efficient switch.

The webinar aims to be an enlightening session for organizations contemplating a move to a more agile and flexible financial system. It is an unmissable opportunity for businesses looking to upgrade their financial processes and systems, enabling them to reach new heights in efficiency and innovation.

The decision to switch to a cloud-based financial system like Infor SunSystems can be stressful for many organizations. However, It not only frees up valuable IT resources from routine maintenance tasks but also offers enhanced connectivity, agility, and access to critical financial processes and jobs. By attending this webinar, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how the cloud version of SunSystems can revolutionize their financial operations and support their overall business strategy. This is a crucial step for any organization aiming to stay relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.

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